Archanfel in both his Human and Zoalord form in the anime.

Archanfel (アルカンフェル Arukanferu also: Alkanphel) is one of the main antagonists of Guyver: Bioboosted Armour and is the co-founder of Chronos, (the other being Barcas 'The Elder') Archanfel is the second oldest being on the planet and is the most powerful being on Earth. He is the most powerful psychic with amazing battle abilities, with limitations that are still unknown; and is both the ruler of the world and leader of the Council of Twelve. Archanfel was created by theCreators to be the leader of all the Zoanoids and the people on Earth, as well as eleven other lesserZoalords who were meant to be his generals of the Zoanoid armies. TheZoacrystals that give Zoalords their powers were all cultivated using Archanfel's crystal as a base.


Archanfel in his Zoalord battleform.
Archanfel appears to be a young Caucasian man with neck long white hair, elegant pointed ears and yellow cat slit eyes while in his human form and a slick skinny Zoalord while in his battleform. His Zoacrystal is hidden well under his skin and is only visible when active (it emits a radiant glow under his layer of skin) or in his battleform. Archanfel has various forms of attire, ranging from a businessman like suit, a long cape and battle armor, as well as a royal gown and cloak. 

Archanfel's Zoalord battleform is gold with numerous crystals and gravity spheres covering his whole body, enhancing his incredible power. Each of them can emit and glow various colors and he is surrounded by a powerful golden aura and light, giving him an almost celestial ambience. His Zoalord battleform also appears to have some type of hair substance that's infused with his skin itself that are wing shaped spines. These spines cover his head, shoulders, legs and forearms. He has long extending shoulder like protrusions and his Zoacrystal is both the largest of all the Zoalords and unlike the other Zoalords' Zoacrystals, that are red and emit a red glow, Archanfel's is a deep purple and glows an almost violet color.

Quoted from book 14, page 16: 

"And then... cleaving and cultivating one of Archanfel's Zoacrystals, we created eleven others. Accepting one of them, I became a Zoalord. In the centuries since then, I have searched for the ten chosen people who would become Zoalords as well."


Archanfel is aloof, cool and distant. This can be attributed to the fact he is completely unique, not just on Earth, but most likely in the universe. The humans that surround him and which he superficially resembles he knows to be very different and inferior in every regard. As the designated general of an army of born warriors who are literally designed to be expendable, he was created and instilled with a powerful sense of responsibility and authority, but not with empathy, compassion or a capacity for mercy. Add to this the fact he was abandoned by his creators as a dangerous failure, along with all their other creations on Earth, and it is unsurprising that he can come across as ruthless and brutal. When he walks among lesser beings, he does not tread lightly, such as when he froze Aptom in mid-air, and mocked him before he blew him into pieces with a powerful energy blast, or when he ripped out Guyot's Zoacrystal from his skull.  

Because of this nature, the Council has come to fear Archanfel but also see him as their wise, ruthless and powerful leader; someone they could admire and look up to, while also seeing him as somewhat of a mysterious figure who often disappears. Despite this, Archanfel has been seen to care for his Zoalords, and entrusts them to do his bidding on Earth. He has been seen to have a different side when in the presence of both Dr. Barcas and Imakarum Mirabilis, his second in command and his personal body guard; in fact Mirabilis may have been partially created so that Archanfel would, at last, have someone to commune with at anything like a personal level. Imakarum is the only one on Earth who knows of his master's true origin and sacrifice, and the torment he suffered and suffers as a result. Archanfel was enraged to discover many of his Zoalords have perished in battle, and entrusted Mirabilis with the mission of destroying the Guyvers on his behalf.


Ancient Times

Archanfel, and some other creatures, resting in artificial wombs.
Although it is uncertain how old Archanfel is, it is assumed that he was created by the Creators around 100,000 years ago. He was created with the sole purpose of serving the Creators by leading their Zoanoid armies in battle and commanding lesser Zoalords who would serve as his own personal generals. Archanfel was awoken by the Creators, in the artificial womb, as a young adult and seemed to already be fairly intelligent; able to communicate, and understand those who spoke to him, and was even able to speak back telepathically to the Creators; despite never being taught or shown how to. He already possessed his incredible power, and was able to both control it and transform freely without any side effects or problems. He was seen speaking to the Creators and was shown a great amount of favor by them, giving Archanfel a sense of purpose and pride. Archanfel saw the Creators as both his parental figures and somewhat as his gods. After some lengthy conversations Archanfel demonstrated his unwavering devotion and love for them, and came to realize that he was the greatest being the Creators had ever created and was created specifically to be their general in war. 
One of the Creators looking down upon Archanfel, while the others observe in their Guyver suits. Their control medals all glowing.

However, ultimately this plan was to be abandoned and the experiment scrapped. A few days after completing their experiments, one of the Creators was curious as to what would happen if they equipped one of the humans with one of the Creators' own organic environment suits and began to run a new series of tests and experiments. The result was the creation of a being that would later come to be known as "Guyver"; a word that roughly translates to "out of control" in the Creators' language. The results shocked the Creators; the suit increased the human's strength, characteristics and capabilities well over 100 times and made him stronger than when the Creators themselves wore the armor. The suit also gave the human a number of unforseen capabilties and weapons at his disposal, but most terrifying of all was that the suit completely freed its host from the telepathic commands of the Creators themselves. This would not have been so disastrous if it weren't for the fact that the human itself also could not control the armor's actions - as the suit possessed the ability to detect numerous threats to the host and proceeded to act on its own. The Creators had not realized that the armor would act to defend whoever was wearing it, whether this went against its creators' interests or not.

After suffering from severe attacks from the Guyver (that would later be known as Guyver 0) the Creators unleashed their Zoanoid armies to stop him - but to their horror, their loyal hordes were massacred by the bio-boosted warrior. Archanfel, incredibly loyal of his own free will to the Creators, volunteered to fight this being, but was ordered to stay back by the Creators. Eventually they allowed him to fight the Guyver 0 but only after arming him with the Unit Remover, a device used by the Creators that would remove their Guyver suits when they no longer needed to use them. Archanfel easily stopped the Guyver 0, removed the Unit from it's host and killed the human who was equipped with it. After the short, but incredibly devastating experiment and battle, the Creators came together to discuss this new issue and threat.

This new experiment was horrifying, and unacceptable; eveything the Creators had made was designed to be controlled by either one of their creations, or by them, to ensure obedience and loyalty within their subjects. Even Archanfel, for all his sheer power, was subservient to their will. The fact that the suit could free a mere human from the Creators' telepathic commands and give the human so much power was considered abhorrent and intolerable. Even worse was the probability of any of their subjects, human, Zoanoid or otherwise, coming into contact with the Creators' space suits was very high and thus a considerable threat to their existence. The idea that Archanfel or one of his Zoalords might equip one of their Units - and hence become a Guyver himself - terrified them; for if the Unit increased a human's abilities and powers it surely would for a Zoalord, but by how much not even they could calculate or comprehend. It would create a being with tremendous power that would be free from all mental control or influence. The fact that Archanfel was completely loyal to them himself, loving them as parental figures and revering them as gods, still would not be enough to convince the Creators that he would not betray them.

Suddenly and without warning the Creators began to leave the planet, abandoning their experiments and project. Scared and uncertain of what was transpiring Archanfel chased after them, calling out to them and asking what was happening. The Creators ignored his questions and continued to fly into space; Archanfel determined to follow them, pursued them even there. Now more afraid than before, Archanfel cried out to them and begged them to take him with them; but to his horror they rejected him and abandoned him to the planet. After explaining to Archanfel that he was not allowed to come and must remain on the planet, they secretly sent a massive asteroid to destroy it. They decided that they would end the threat on Earth by destroying the planet itself and eradicating all life on it. Once Archanfel became aware of these plans he acted on his own to stop them. However, the Creators themselves foresaw this and attacked him with an incredibly powerful psychic attack, shattering his mind and weakening him significantly, leaving him crippled and drifting in space.

Despite this, Archanfel - driven by rage, determination to survive, and feelings of betrayal by those who had created him - refused to die and to allow the creatures on the planet, he was entrusted to lead and protect, be destroyed. He transformed into his Zoalord battleform and prepared to defend the Earth while defying the Creators of his own sheer will power. Concentrating his immense psionic power, he propelled himself through space and created the largest and most powerful barrier seen thus far. The force shield was massive, several thousands of kilometers wide, and it shattered the asteroid into innumerable smaller fragments. Archanfel demonstrated incredible power and will, able to break free of the Creators' telepathic commands himself even without the use of the Guyver Unit. Despite this, some of the asteroid fragments did manage to penetrate the atmosphere of the Earth and caused severe damage. The impact from the smaller fragments caused a minor ice-age that would reshape the planet.

Falling back to Earth, exhausted by the ordeal, Archanfel withdrew himself into the ruins of one of the Creators' ships, the bio-ship that the Guyver 0 had wounded and nearly destroyed during its rampage. The ship's interior system still seemed to be functional, and Archanfel sealed himself inside of the artificial womb within it. There, he restored his power, while resting from his psychic attack. While he rested, many Zoanoids and humans abandoned by the Creators came together and in their gratitude for his selfless act, they built a temple for him on what would later become his sanctuary island known as Silha. There they worshipped him as their god and divine master, while he slipped into a deep coma for tens of thousands of years, unaware of the development of civilization on Earth, and the passing of time around him. There he would remain until a fateful day when a lone explorer washed up on the shore of his island and discovered him.

Hamilcar Barcas and the Founding of Chronos

Archanfel Battleform.png
Archanfel in his battleform.
Tens of thousands of years later, the individual now known as Dr. Hamilcar Barcas had found himself shipwrecked upon a strange island. At first, Barcas thought he might have landed upon the shores of the new world, but soon discovered otherwise. Barcas found himself terrified, and alone on a strange island full of various creatures, monsters and legendary beasts, ranging from dinosaurs, minotaurs, werewolves, dragons, sabertooth tigers, giant insects, mermaids and even Zoanoids as well as hundreds of other unknown creatures. Scared for his life Barcas took off running, fleeing to the only sanctuary he could find -- a gigantic temple in the middle of the island.

Barcas quickly began to climb the massive stairway of the temple and entered into it, finding a massive corridor and hallway full of hieroglyphics; that, unknown to him, told the story of Archanfel's defiance of the Creators when he saved the world. Barcas continued to explore the temple until he happened into a room unlike any he had ever seen before. Barcas had stumbled upon a dormant Archanfel, resting within the artificial womb, the original optimization tank, left behind by the Creators. Barcas immediately sensed a presence and being who was infinitely more powerful and wiser than he could ever be. Sensing a new and strange presence in his temple, Archanfel immediately awoke from his rest (possibly for the first time since he saved the planet) and began to intimidate Barcas, demanding to know who he was and why he was there. Fearing for his life, Barcas submitted himself to Archanfel and pledged to serve him in anyway he could; Archanfel, perplexed by this, considered the offer and accepted Barcas as his servant. From that point on, Archanfel came to realize the world he once knew was gone and the Earth had changed forever. Archanfel found himself once again taking an active role in daily life on his island.

Some days later, Archanfel decided that he would find the Creators. His intentions for doing so remain unknown, though it is assumed he either wishes to destroy them himself or prove to them they were wrong. Regardless what his intentions may be, Archanfel took Barcas under his wing and began to educate him in Zoanoid development and optimization for the purpose of creating what would later become the Council of Twelve, comprised of Zoalords. Archanfel used Barcas in creating eleven other, lesser, Zoacrystals using Archanfel's as a base. The process required an extensive amount of research and time, in which Barcas cleaved and cultivated Archanfel's crystal and used it to syphon energy and power into the others. After this was completed, Archanfel entrusted Barcas with his first mission: to find and recruit ten other men like himself, to form the basis of the secret organization that would come to be known as "Chronos".

The first to be found by Barcas in his search was not a human at all, but another abandoned expirement of the Creators. The creature's name was Waferdanos, a being of tremendous power and abilities that possessed an island of his own, in which he was rooted into and was a part of; unable to ever leave. This island known as his "kingdom" was composed of strange creatures known as "Subjecti" - plant-based creatures who seem to share some notable characteristics with the Zoanoids, that served Waferdanos as bodyguards and protectors. Waferdanos shared many characteristics and attributes with Archanfel, and was in fact much older than him. Waferdanos may have been an experiment to be taken alongside the Zoanoids and with Archanfel, to provide both oxygen and nutrients to Archanfel and his Zoanoid forces on any planet they may have invaded. Waferdanos was completely unaware of anything outside his shores and was shocked to find the strange creature known as Barcas, when the two first met. Barcas sensed in Waferdanos his vast power and age, and though he wasn't as powerful as Archanfel, Barcas knew he had found the first being who would become a Zoalord. Barcas offered Waferdanos a new life and an escape from the confines of the island, as well as new knowledge and greater power. Waferdanos was more than eager to accept Barcas's offer and leave the island for new experiences and to see the world. Supremely grateful to the man who had made it possible for him to leave the confines of his island, Waferdanos became one of Barcas' staunchest supporters, and a loyalist of Archanfel. Once Waferdanos had been fully prepared to join the Council as a Zoalord, a process that has not been described in any real detail, Barcas returned to his search.

It would be nearly hundreds of years later before Barcas found the next candidates to become Zoalords.The next men mentioned are those who would become the Zoalords Sin Rubeo Amniculus, found in Armenia, and Friedrich von Purgstall, found in Vienna. Unknown to all but a select few Zoalords, Archanfel has not completely recovered from the Creators' attack. He is increasingly prone to periods of dormancy and seems to be getting weaker with each episode of coma.

Throughout the centuries Barcas would continue his mission of recruiting men to become Zoalords, who would later be brought before Archanfel for both his approval, and for them to pledge their loyalty and allegiance to; the only exception to this was Richard Guyot, who was the last of the Zoalords to be optimized and never met Archanfel prior to his Zoalord optimization, which allowed Guyot the opportunity to rebel against the Council and Archanfel. Archanfel would use his vast power to demonstrate his superiority to the new Zoalords and to force them into submission; however since Guyot never experienced this he never came to fear Archanfel or know of his tremendous power. Archanfel would remain absent from most of the daily functions of Chronos and the Council, would virtually never interact with his own Zoalords, who saw him as nothing more than their ruler and god, and left most of the overseeing of Chronos in the hands of Dr. Barcas. The Zoalords would come to both fear and respect Archanfel but find him shrouded in secrecy and mystery. 

At some point in the middle of his search for other candidates, Barcas began his second mission: to begin Zoanoid optimizations once again and to create the secret society known as Chronos. To do so required a great amount of funds, resources and individuals who would become Zoanoid opratives. The details of this mission are both sketchy and widely unknown, however what is known is that throughout the centuries Barcas was able to accumulate a mass amount of wealth (possibly assisted by the other Zoalords), political support from various countries, as well as corporate support of various industries and companies. Barcas was able to find or possibly kidnap large numbers of individuals who would become Zoanoids, and once Chronos was given enough power and influence to stretch across the world, they began Zoanoid development in a large scale effort.


Mt. Minikami arc

Archanfel was first introduced during the Mt. Minikami arc when he realized the scope of Guyot's treason and sought to end the threat himself while also forcing Guyot into submission without killing him. Though several brief glimpses of him were shown when he was vaguely referred to by the Council, he didn't make his first appearance until he arrived at the mountain itself. Archanfel desired to keep Guyot as a Zoalord, as Zoalords were incredibly complex and difficult to create, losing one would be considered disastrous for both Chronos and Archanfel's plans. However despite this, Archanfel still wouldn't hesitate to kill him if he would be forced to do so. Before Chronos' long-planned rise to power, Archanfel seemed content to live in the shadows of history, emerging from his seclusion on Silha only to oversee the processing and optimization of other members of his Council, leaving Dr. Barcas, and Sin in charge of the day-to-day running of Chronos in his stead.

When Guyot's plan to obtain one of the Guyver units was on the verge of success, Archanfel left his sanctuary island and came to confront him at Relic's Point. Archanfel first appeared when he teleported into the wilderness just beyond Mt. Minikami and came upon Chronos Japanese soldiers. Archanfel immediately killed them all, twisting their bodies, and cracking their skulls open, all in numerous ways via his powerful telekinesis. To his surprise his powers had no effect on Aptom, who was a Lost Number and was watching from the brush. Archanfel began to mock Aptom, calling him a "flawed creature" and attempted to obliterate him with a powerful energy explosion. Aptom fled for his life and found himself scared out of his mind, but realized this new being possessed power than not even a Guyver could compete with. Aptom then charged Archanfel in an attempt to absorb him but found himself frozen in mid-air, and unable to move. Archanfel continued to mock and taunt Aptom, treating him as if he was nothing more than an insignificant hiderance to his time, before finally blasting him into pieces with a powerful red energy blast; then continued on his way towards Relic's Point. 

Shortly thereafter, when Archanfel was close enough to the base and able to sense the precise location of Guyot, Archanfel teleported directly to his location and confronted him. Archanfel was already powering up to intimidate Guyot and to give him a small view of his vast power. Guyot immediately sensed within Archanfel tremendous power, a power he never had felt before or thought existed; most terrifying of all to Guyot, was that he had no idea who this being was or where he came from. Dr. Barcas was also present at the base and felt both Archanfel's powerful Thought Waves and presence as well. Shocked and uncertain why Archanfel was here, Barcas began to monitor the situation between Guyot and Archanfel. Archanfel wasted no time and began to interrogate and mock Guyot, before finally revealing himself to Guyot. Guyot was horrified to find that Archanfel himself had come to stop him, and was enraged that he had been caught before he had obtained one of the Units. Archanfel demonstrated not only his vast power, but showed Guyot his incredible knowledge, and that he was well aware of Guyot's betrayal as well as his secret weapon: the Guyver Remover. Archanfel demanded Guyot to surrender and to give him the Remover, if he did so he would spare his life and keep him as a Zoalord, if he refused he would kill him. After a brief conversation, and considering the offer, Guyot refused Archanfel's offer and began one of the most disastrous battles in Chronos's history: the Battle at Relic's Point.

Guyot transformed into his Zoalord battleform in front of Archanfel, and tore through the floor of the base, passing through several levels and fleeing for his life. Guyot surrounded himself with his Barrier and fled as quickly as he could, killing a number of Zoanoids along the way who were unfortunate to find themselves in his path. Archanfel, annoyed by Guyot's defiance, followed behind slowly, unamused and killing every Zoanoid who was in the area, whether or not they were taking an active role in the situation or not. Many Zoanoids were killed in Archanfel's pursuit as well as every monitor being shorted out by a powerful frequency. Because of this Dr. Barcas immediately began to make his way to the battle site, hoping to assist Archanfel and to minimize the damage to the facility and to the Zoanoid forces. Guyot continued to flee from Archanfel, making his way to one of several control rooms. Once there he killed all Zoanoid operatives and sealed a number of doorways, and passages throughout the corridors and hallways. To no surprise, however, Archanfel easily destroyed them effortlessly, cracking them open easily with his powerful telekinesis. Guyot then began to assault Archanfel himself, firing a number of powerful energy attacks that Archanfel deflected just as easily as he had destroyed the sealed doors. Now, growing more annoyed, Archanfel continued to follow Guyot in his slow intimidating demeanor while ordering him to hand over the Remover; while Guyot continued to ignore this and flee from him, blasting through several more floors and continuing to descend to the bottom of Relic's Point. 

Shortly thereafter, Guyot passed through a number of levels while killing several more Zoanoids, who were caught in the crossfire, before Archanfel reached him yet again; demanding Guyot to end "this nonsense" and to surrender the Remover. Tired of Archanfel's orders Guyot fired a powerful energy blast at Archanfel yet again, who not only deflected it back at him, but increased it's power several times over. Guyot blasted through the floor, barely escaping the powerful blast and continued to make his way to the bottom floor. Around this time, the remnants of the Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five and Aptom began their own battle towards the higher levels of the base, and contributed to a large portion of the base's overall destruction. After Aptom had absorbed Gaster and Derzerb, he began his battle with ZX-Tole who nearly killed Aptom with his Blaster Tempest; the blast being so powerful it destroyed a large portion of the base itself and forced all elevators to stop, causing Dr. Barcas to be stuck in his current location. Around this time, the Council of Twelve, having received word of Guyot's betrayal from Dr. Barcas some time before the events of the battle itself, had made their way to the base and were atop of the mountain itself, preparing to kill Guyot for his treason. Eventually, Guyot blew out from a portion of the base, and came out near Dr. Barcas himself, with Archanfel right behind him. After a brief taunt in which Archanfel advised Guyot not to anger him, Guyot fired his most powerful attack at Archanfel, his Quasi-Black Hole, also known as "The Event Horizon". 

The Black Hole was something Archanfel was both unaware of and unprepared for, and Archanfel found himself using a large portion of his own power to keep his own Barrier up and to hold the Black Hole at bay; while the Black Hole continued to grow in size and power, it sucked in everything around it, including: glass, windows, large amounts of cement from the base walls, bridge corridors and Zoanoid soldiers as well. The effects of the Black Hole could be sensed from even the top of the mountain itself, dragging trees and Zoanoid soldiers down into the ground as well as clouds from the sky; forcing the Council to shield themselves with a powerful Barrier of their own to prevent themselves from being dragged down as well. The effects of the Black Hole could be felt from the bottom of the base as well, removing the Earth's gravity and causing those below to temporarily float in the air. The Black Hole continued to grow in size to the point in which the elevator that Dr. Barcas himself was inside of, was sucked into it. Dr. Barcas then took matters into his own hands and began to lecture Guyot. Dr. Barcas ordered Guyot to neutralize the Black Hole and to end his betrayal of Archanfel, before it was too late. However, to his horror, Guyot refused to neutralize the Black Hole and planned on letting it build until Archanfel was sucked into it, even at the expense of his own life. Despite Dr. Barcas' protest that doing so would destroy the planet and kill every living thing on it, Guyot used his Zoacrystal to increase the power of the Black Hole.

After a long struggle, that seemed like ages, the Black Hole finally overwhelmed Archanfel's Barrier and sucked him, much to Guyot's amusement and Barcas's horror. Guyot, exhausted from using so much power, ordered Dr. Barcas to assist him in banishing the Black Hole as he no longer had the power to do it alone, and though he resented aiding the being who had just killed his master, Dr. Barcas knew he had no choice but to assist the rogue Zoalord or the entire world would be destroyed. The pair fired two energy blasts into the center of the Black Hole that was quickly repelled, but a second attempt succeeded when the energy blasts fused into one massive beam that forced the Black Hole to seal. With the Black Hole gone and Archanfel dead, Guyot believed he was now the most powerful being on the planet, and gloated that no one could stop him now. However, shortly after, he passed out and fell to the bottom of the base. Dr. Barcas examined the extent of the damage done to the base and realized the Quasi-Black Hole had nearly destroyed the entire mountain itself; he quickly began to make his way to the top of the mountain, sensing the Council was now there. Dr. Barcas knew he would need their assistance if he was to stop Guyot and take vegeance upon him for killing his beloved master.

Once Guyot had fallen to the bottom of the base he happened upon the escaping Guyvers and their friends, as well as the Proto-Zoalord Murakami, who were fleeing into the Relic itself. Though exhausted, he continued to mock them and the Proto-Zoalord who he often referred to as a "Guinea Pig." Murakami had sensed Guyot falling from above but wasn't given enough time to assist anyone into the Relic before he crashed into the floor itself; now Murakami could only fight Guyot and try to hold him off for as long as possible while the others escaped. After a brief exchange of words and threats, Guyot attempted to charge Murakami when he was stopped by Guyver III, who threw his back camera at him. Guyver III asked Murakami to assist the others while he fought Guyot, but to his shock he found this would only be what Guyot wanted. Ecstatic Guyot expressed his gratitude to Guyver III for revealing himself as he summoned the Unit Remover and equipped it to his right arm. Afterwards he used his Zoacrystal to charge the Remover with his life-force and prepared to fire off a shot while Guyver III attempted to cut off his arms.  However, Guyot was successful in firing off a shot, though to his annoyance the device wasn't sufficiently charged. After Guyver I explained to everyone what the Remover was and what the Relic had taught him about it, he warned Guyver III not to fight Guyot anymore. Murakami also ordered the others and Guyver III into the Relic while he would stay behind and fight Guyot, who had finished recharging the Remover. In his final confrontation Murakami attempted to stop Guyot and transform only to find that he couldn't.

Guyot was using his Zoacrystal to stop Murakami from transforming and knocked him out of his way. Guyot explained that Murakami's Dummy Crystal was resonating at the same frequency as his Zoacrystal allowing Guyot to paralyze him. Guyot then fired off several of his Gravity Bullets in an attempt to finally rid himself of Murakami, only to have Dr. Odagiri sacrifice himself to save Murakami. In a final attempt to transform, Murakami, enraged by the death of his friend, syphoned power from Guyot's Zoacrystal and used it to overcome the paralysis and transform into his Proto-Zoalord battleform. The two then egaged each other in a climatic battle that raged all across the bottom of Relic's Point. During the conflict Guyver I successfully began to start up the Relic's engines and, once everyone was safely inside, activated the Relic's thrusters. The Relic then began to become airborne and while overwhelmed with shock and awe, Guyot had no idea that Murakami has fired one of his signature attacks at him, a powerful energy slice, that cut right through Guyot's right side of his body disabling the use of his right arm. Murakami, tired and dying, dropped onto the top of the Relic as it created a powerful energy Barrier and climbed the Earth's atmosphere, destroying everything in it's path and bringing down the entire base around it. The entire complex began to collapse around the ship and hundreds if not thousands of Zoanoids and Chronos scientist were killed. As the Relic continued to make its way out of the base, the Council still at the top of the mountain began to discuss the events that had been transpiring and speculate what was happening beneath the mountain. Dr. Barcas soon joined them, and he began to explain what all he had observed before he fled the base, including the Relic reawakening. 

Meanwhile, Murakami sensed the Council above and was preparing to go inside the Relic to warn the others when he was taken hostage by Guyot. Guyot commended the Proto-Zoalord for disabling his right arm, but mocked him that he was still nothing but a "Guinea Pig." Guyot proceeded to torture Murakami, slamming him into the side of the Relic while crushing his shin. Attempting to save him, Guyver I tried to swallow Guyot with the Relic, but was ordered not to let Guyot inside as he still had the Remover. Realizing Murakami was right, Guyver I sat and watched in horror as his friend was tortured by the Zoalord. After realizing that Guyver I was piloting the ship, Guyot began to slowly rip off Murakami's right arm in an attempt to draw out Guyver I. After a strong emotional revelation, Murakami told everyone that even if he was saved by Guyot he would still die soon, as he was a prototype and it wouldn't be worth the risk. Tired and angry that it was taking so long, Guyot violently ripped off Murakami's arm, enraging Guyver I who stopped the ship in mid-air when it finally erupted from Mt. Minikami.

Finally confronting Guyot, Guyver I ordered him to release Murakami as he had promised. Guyot then used his powerful Zoacrystal resonance and cracked open Murakami's Dummy Crystal, then threw his corpse at Guyver I. As Guyver I attempted to comfort the dying Proto-Zoalord, Guyot prepared to fire the Remover at him, only to be stopped by Guyver III who fired his Mega-Smasher at him. Guyot likewise fired the Remover at Guyver III only to have the beam be eclipsed by the power of the Mega-Smasher. The Council, who was observing the Relic but unaware of the battle taking place atop it, was ordered by Dr. Barcas to attack it. Though the Council protested against this at first they soon realized Dr. Barcas's wisdom. Barcas explained that the Relic was under the control of the Guyver's and that it would be disastrous if they escaped with it, and obtained the hidden technology within the ship. As the Council prepared to attack the ship, Guyot recharged the Remover yet again, as Murakami gave his final words to Guyver I, and died in his arms. Enraged by the death of his friend, Guyver I charged Guyot, preparing to fire his Mega-Smasher at him at point blank range, while Guyot likewise prepared to fire the Remover at point blank range when suddenly their battle was interupted by the Council. 

The Council fired a number of energy attacks and blasts at the Relic causing devastating damage and forcing both the Guyver's and Guyot to stop fighting. Guyot, wounded, exhausted and having expended his gravity spheres, fled the scene; knowing he couldn't fight the Guyvers and the Council simultaneously. However, Guyver I spotted him and chased after Guyot, hoping to kill him once and for all. Guyver III likewise followed but suffered a direct hit from a powerful Zoalord energy blast that completely severed his left arm. During the conflict, Guyot began to descend from the Relic on the other side of the ship when a powerful golden aura emerged from the same side. Archanfel had returned and was transformed into his Zoalord battleform.

As before, Archanfel taunted Guyot, mocking him in his efforts to kill him and spoke to him in his usual annoyed state. Shocked and stunned with disbelief, Guyot was powerless to do anything as Archanfel used his power to force Guyot towards him, with Guyot's Zoacrystal responding to the crystals in Archanfel's hands as he was drawn closer and closer to him. The Council ceased it's attack and watched with glee as their master had arrived to deal with Guyot, and take back the Relic. Meanwhile, both Guyver's I and III watched in horror as a being that was far more powerful that Guyot - a Zoalord that was already incredibly powerful to their own standards - easily dispatched of him. Archanfel slowly ripped out Guyot's Zoacrystal from his skull and prepared to take back the Remover when Guyver III fired a Pressure Cannon at Guyot, that blew right through his stomach. Guyot's body then fell down into the remains of the base, while Guyver I and Guyver III prepared to fire both of their Mega-Smashers at Archanfel.

The combined blast was one of the most powerful blasts recorded by Chronos data files, and was easily deflected back at them by Archanfel, who increased it's power several fold. The Blast completely destroyed the Relic and blew a massive portion of the mountain away. The Guyvers and their friends were believed to have been killed in the blast and as the mountain soon erupted afterwards it was believed both Guyot and the Remover were destroyed as well. The results of the battle was considered a mitigated disaster. The ensuing battle destroyed the entire facility, and also lead to the eruption of Mt. Minakami. The hidden Relic - one of the few spacecraft left on the planet by the Creators, and the only one in any kind of flyable condition - was also destroyed; though this happened at the end of the battle, and was an effort to finally terminate the two remaining Guyvers that would ultimately fail, but Archanfel didn't know this for some time.

Once Guyot and the Guyvers had both been apparently terminated, Archanfel turned his attention to the corpse of the dead Proto-Zoalord that he had grabbed during the eruption. Knowing that he would need twelve Zoalords to fulfill the plans that he had been working to implement since the formation of Chronos, he took the Proto-Zoalord with him when he left the remains of Mt. Minakami, also taking the remains of the Relic that would later become the massive spacecraft known as the Ark. Archanfel would see to it himself personally, that this new Zoalord would be completely loyal to him, would implant the Zoacrystal into the center of his original Dummy Crystal, and seal the Dummy Crystal around it, thus protecting the Zoacrystal itself.

X-Day arc

Archanfel Robe.png
Archanfel, in the white robe and armor that he wears after X-Day was put into affect.
During the conflict and operation, known as X-Day, Archanfel made a brief appearance; though he did not partake in any actual combat or even command his forces himself. Archanfel and his Zoalords were near Mount Ararat when they received word that every nation and major super power had fallen to Chronos's multifronted operation and attack, thus placing Chronos in control of the entire world. Pleased with this news, Archanfel callously remarked that the world would bow to the will of Chronos, and thus himself.

The World After X-Day

After Chronos became the sole power in the world, Archanfel's daily life didn't change much, nor did his attitudes. He was still indifferent to the minutia of overseeing Chronos, and content to leave such things in the hands of Dr. Barcas.  However, thanks to the presence of Imakarum Mirabilis, he was able to have a much more direct presence among the Council.

The remains of the Relic that had survived Mt. Minakami's eruption - however many of them there were after the Relic had been subjected to the force of one-and-a-half Mega Smasher blasts - were taken to Chronos' Dead Sea Plant to be used in the construction of a large-scale transport ship called the Ark.

Archanfel's health has continued to decline, leading to increasingly frequent - and lengthened - periods of dormancy. One of these was disturbed by an attack on Imakarum by Gigantic Dark that crippled the Zoalord and left him in an almost catatonic state. Linked as he was to Imakarum's mind, Archanfel felt the attack as well.

Rushing to the younger Zoalord's side, Archanfel carried him to the sanctuary at Silha, placing him inside the same artificial womb that had sustained him for so long to heal and to regain his strength.

Once Imakarum had been returned to full heath with the aid of the stored solar energy that the Ark had gathered to that point, Archanfel was forced to return to his sanctuary island. For a time he remained in hibernation. Now that he has awakened once again, and is fully aware of the events that have taken place in his absence, things are likely to escalate again. He has also instructed Imakarum to aquire one of the Guyvers, either Guyver, in the hopes of extracting and separating it from it's host (regardless of the Unit Remover's destruction back at Relic's Point (unless it actually remained intact and he now has it, or another)), and equipping himself with it, determining that it is the only way to stabilize his condition. 

Powers and Abilities

Archanfel powering up.
Archanfel is not only a Zoalord but the original Zoalord created by the Creators and thus can best be described as the only true Zoalord. The other Zoalords' Zoacrystals were cultured from his, with their biology and forms being replicas of his own. His Zoacrystal was also used to syphon power and energy into them. Because of this many believe that Archanfel possesses any and all of the various Zoalords' powers and abilities. Barcas also stated that Archanfel's power eclipsed the rest of the Council and that even all of the Zoalords combined couldn't match him. To this date, the extent of Archanfel's power remains a mystery.

His powers include, but are obviously not limited to, telepathic communication with and control of all regular Zoaforms (but not, apparently, non-processed humans, Lost Numbers or Guyvers); tremendous levels of telekinetic power; the emission of radiant energy beams; the generation of extremely powerful force fields; the ability to bend and move through layers/planes of reality with ease; flight; teleportation; extreme longevity (he is over a thousand centuries old with no physical indications of aging); apparently he possesses advanced knowledge of bio-engineering and genetic manipulation.

He also was once sucked into a black hole and reappeared, none the worse for wear, a short time later - something which is not even theoretically possible.

Of note, Archanfel possesses all these powers at levels unrivaled by any other figure in the manga save Apollon, despite still being in terminal condition from the Creators' psychic attack millennia ago.


Archanfel's name (a single letter off from Archangel), personality, position of authority, position in history and even appearance all bear distinct similarities to pre-Biblical, Christian, and modern popular culture descriptions or interpretations of Lucifer.


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