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The Ark

The Ark is a huge organic spaceship created by Cronus using a DNA sample of the Relic. It was created to one day advance humanity into outer space to meet with the Ouranos.

The Ark is over thirty miles long and appears to contain a complete, habitable ecosystem within its vast 'body'. It also has an internal transport system and a central control chamber for the twelve Zoalords.

The ship had to be started up by the joint psychic power of all twelve - using twelve specialized reception stations similar to the Guyver's generator spheres - but once in outer space, could function independently of them. Six separate areas of its body, each larger than Manhattan's Central Park, are covered in solar cells, and these seemingly provide enough energy to sustain it indefinitely.

The ship also possesses what appears to be a weapons system - two gigantic prongs or antennae which extend from special pods on the underside of the hull and create a 'force field' between them, from which an incredibly intense energy beam can be projected. Archanfel once used this system to provide Imakarum Mirabilis with an enormous amount of bio-energy.

The Ark is not unique; Imakarum witnessed several Arks in the memories of Archanfel. This, in combination with the fact the Ark was grown from remains of the (much smaller) Relic space ship, suggests that the two types of ship are not seperate, but rather stages of development of the same organism.