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Crane (left) in his human form and Sean (right).

Arlen Crane is the main villain of the second live action Guyver film, Guyver 2: Dark Hero.


Crane in his Zoanoid form.

He was the liason between the Tempus Corporation and an archeological excavation team the corporation was funding. In truth he was a Chronos agent sent to keep an eye on the dig team because what they were excavating proved to be an intact Creator ship containing a Guyver Unit that's later shown to be damaged. He appealed to Sean to join them, saying that the secrets in the ship could make both of them normal again. This was most likely a ruse, though, as Sean immediately refuse due to his past history with Chronos.

After being threatened by his boss for his team's repeated failures to get rid of the Guyver, Crane merged with the damaged Guyver Unit. He fought Sean as a hybrid Guyver/Zoanoid, referred to as the Guyver Zoanoid, and was dominating the fight with his combined powers until his damaged Control Medal started to malfunction. With his Guyver suit starting to eat him alive, Crane was occupied long enough for Sean to destroy him with the Mega Smasher rather than let him suffer a very painful death.


As one of capable agents of the secretive organization Chronos, Arlen Crane was devoted to both its cause and please his superiors. A cruel and calculating manipulator, he presented himself as an amicable figure in front his unsuspecting pawns and even attempted to appeal Sean to join him by claiming that he wished to be normal as much as him instead of a freak at one point. But of course, Sean refused knowing Crane had since accepted his transformation into a Zoanoid as the necessary price for his cause to Chronos and rarely, if not never, took human cost into account since he willing to dispose the excavation team without remorse or hesitation once they outlived their usefulness. His considerable abilities also made him arrogant, but nevertheless retain enough humility to respect his superiors.

Other Information

Crane as the Guyver Zoanoid.

While his damaged Control Medal is an element obviously borrowed from Lisker (who ironically appeared in a completely different form in the first movie), his Guyver armor is clearly based on Guyver III's. Also, due to Crane's gruesome demise that prompt Sean (Sho's counterpart) used Mega Smasher to put him out of his misery, his arrogance, and status in Chronos hierarchy made him the true counterpart of Lisker's original incarnation in Anime, Manga, and OVA series.