The Battle at Relic's Point was the climatic battle that was fought at the Chronos production and research center known as Relic's Point. The battle was fought between Chronos, Archanfel, Guyot, the Guyvers, Murakami, Aptom and the remnants of the Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five. The battle had various stages of development and quickly escalated out of hand. Causalities were catastrophic for Chronos and escalated from the deaths of numerous Chronos operatives, to the elite Hyper-Zoanoids, to even (presumed) a Zoalord and his Proto-type. The battle met it's climatic end when the Relic, the Creators final remaining legacy, was destroyed by Archanfel; and the base itself was completely destroyed with a massive volcanic eruption. The battle was a mitigated disaster for Chronos, who had lost invaluable assets from it.

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