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The three Branchai brothers in their human and, fused together, in their Hyper-Zoanoid forms.

A unique entity, the Branchai-type was in fact a team of three extremely specialized (Hyper?)Zoanoids working together.

Created by the rogue band of Zoalords - Kurumegnik, Jabir and Kabral - this monstrosity was designed explicitly to draw out the Guyver Gigantic into battle with the Zoalord Purgstall. In this capacity, it was completely successful.

The "Branchai brothers" actually were brothers, co-engineered to be able to merge into a single being. They could separate again at a moment's notice, then combine again. Separately, they were weak, but united, their power was phenomenal (If still vastly inferior to that of the actual Guyver Gigantic it imitated).

The Branchai brothers, individually, in their Hyper-Zoanoid forms.

Their physical forms actually changed when they integrated, to accomodate both optimal mobility when separated and a convincing resemblance to the Gigantic when united.

Branchai-Alpha served as the head and shoulder pods; Branchai-Beta became the arms, chest and torso; Branchai-Gamma formed the hips and legs.

While the abilities of the united Branchai form were inferior to those of the actual Guyver Gigantic, they still were formidable, including: - A powerful laser beam, positioned on the forehead. - An explosive chemical, fired from nozzles in the forearms. - Flight.

The Branchai-type was destroyed (pulverized, in fact) at the end of its very first mission, but it was successful in drawing out the Guyver Gigantic.