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The Cronos Corporation logo.

Chronos (also: CronosCronusKronos, or Kronus) is the name of the secret organization formed by Archanfel and Hamilcar Barcas, with the goal of transforming the human race into Zoanoids.

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The Chronos Corporation was likely first concieved in the mind of Hamilcar Barcas, after he had discovered the slumbering form of the Zoalord Archanfel on the latter's sanctuary island of Silha. Once the Council of Twelve had been fully formed, their attentions turned to the remaining preparations that would need to be made before X-Day.

Chronos has a variety of tools at its disposal, both for the transformation of willing - and, at times, unwilling - humans into Zoanoids, and the maintenance of order in their various bases. Foremost among those used in the creation of various Zoaforms is a human-sized, likely Plexiglas, cylinder called variously processing tanks, optimization tanks, or bio-tubes.

Placing a - usually male - human inside one of these containers, then adding the proper mix of chemicals, retro-virii, and nutriants, will eventually result in the creation of one of a number of different Zoaforms, depending on the proceedures used during the development stages. Zoalords, Hyper-Zoanoids, Zoanoids and even Lost Numbers have all been created in those tanks.

Chronos is a worldwide organization, but up until their devastating first-strike on X-Day, only those who worked for them knew of their existence. Anyone else who found out was either killed, or forcibly inducted into their ranks of Zoanoid soldiers. However, with the reduced need for secrecy after they had taken control of the world, this practice was seemingly discontinued.

However, there are still secrets that Chronos hides from the rest of the world.

One of them is the nature of the Enzyme III Guyver-killer; that Chronos has developed a Zoanoid that is solely designed for killing one of the most durable creatures in their world, reducing them to nearly-mindless, short-lived savages whose only purpose was to kill, would likely lose them a great deal of the support that they have gained from the world at large.

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