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The Council of Twelve in the 2005 TV Series.

The Council of Twelve (also known as the Council of Zoalords, the Twelve Zoalords, the Divine Twelve, the Council, the Twelve Holy Warriors, the Twelve Holy Commanders and the God Generals) is a council comprised of the highest ranking officials within the Chronos Organization who rule both Chronos together and the world, post X-day. The members of the council are the twelve most powerful beings on the planet, and are all Zoalords. Nine of them have been given dominion over various sections or continents of the Earth, and the other three hold powerful positions within Chronos itself.


The first members of Chronos' Council of Twelve were as follows:

  • Shin Rubeo Amniculus
  • Fried'rich van Purg'stall
  • Kablarl Khan
  • Tuarhan de Galenos
  • Luggnagg de Krumeggnik

Since then, Richard Guyot has been ousted for treason and replaced with Imakarum Mirabilis. Luggnagg, Jabir, and Kablarl have broken away from Chronos entirely, and Kablarl has been killed by Aptom. Li Yentsui and Waferdanos have died in combat against Gigantic Dark, Griselda, and the Libertus. While Edward Caerleon has been severely wounded from his encounter with the mysterious Apollon, who pulled his Zoacrystal out from his head, which rapidly aged Caerleon and has forced him on life support.