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The Council of Twelve in the 2005 TV series.

The Council of Twelve (also known as the Council of Zoalords, the Twelve Holy Commanders, the Twelve Chronos Overlords, the Twelve Zoalords, the Divine Twelve, the God Generals, or simply as the Council) is a council comprised of the highest ranking officials within the Chronos Organization who rule both Chronos together and the world, post X-Day. The members of the council are the twelve most powerful beings on the planet, and are all Zoalords. As such each were entrusted with a portion of a continent or a section of the Earth to govern and monitor on behalf of Chronos, while others hold authority and even more powerful positions over the Council as well.


The first members of Chronos' Council of Twelve were as follows:

Richard Guyot would later be replaced by Imakarum Mirabilis for his betrayal of both Archanfel and Chronos. Luggnagg, Jabir, and Cabraal later broke away from Chronos and formed an alliance amongst themselves, in hopes to obtain a Guyver Unit. Cabraal was later killed by Aptom; while Li Yentsui and Waferdanos were killed in action against Agito and his forces of Zeus' Thunderbolts, including the new Griselda, and the Libertus. Edward Caerleon has been severely wounded from his encounter with the mysterious Apollon, who pulled his Zoacrystal out from his head, which rapidly aged Caerleon and has forced him on life support.

More Information

In the 2005 TV series, not much is known about the Council of Twelve when they are first introduced. The first time the Council appears on screen is during the opening sequence of the series. The sequence depicts Mizuki Segawa narrating the story and explaining how the world had changed post X-Day from what they had grown up in as children. However, as the story continues we not only learn about the members in the Council but also who reigns over what territory following X-Day.

Following X-Day:

Friedrich von Purgstall: Rules over Japan.

Luggnagg de Krumeggnic: Rules over Africa.

Li Yentsui: Rules over China.

Waferdanos: Rules over Russia.

Cabraal Khan: Rules over India.

Tuatha de Galenos: Rules over South America.

Jabir Ibn Hayyan: Rules over Australia.

Edward Caerleon: Rules over Europe.

Sin Rubeo Amniculus: Rules over North America.