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One of the Uranus/Creators looking down upon Archanfel.

The Creators (降臨者(ウラヌス) Uranusu) (also: the Advents or the Uranus) were the mysterious alien beings who, over millions of years manipulated life on Earth to create a powerful species, which resulted in the creation of humans. They were also the original creators of the G-Units.

Nothing is known of their actual physical form; however, it is stated they practically all employed G-units.

It has been theorized they were not a single species, but a conglomeration of many different races. They are members of a interstellar organized body with a central government, which possesses technology so advanced they can move planets across galactic distances at will.

They appear to be at war, considering they created humankind as a biological weapon, but with whom or why they are at war is a mystery.


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