When the Guyvers attacked Cloud-Gate, Chronos' Asian headquarters in Tokyo, they were briefly confronted with four Hyper-Zoanoids, presumably the designated armed guard for the location. Their specialized abilities proved woefully inadequate against the Gigantic Guyver, who blasted them all to smithereens with his gravity cannon.

Danaplus was a crustacean-type Hyper-Zoanoid, with segmented armor covered in very long, protruding spikes mainly on his head, shoulders, back and forearms. These spikes or spines could extend at will, and vibrate at frequencies that disrupt the molecular structure of any objects they touch.

A Zoanoid that appeared identical to Danaplus showed up right after Guyver II-F's confrontation with Powered Zerbebuth, but he was destroyed by Richard Guyot before he could show off his abilities.

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