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Enzyme I

Enzyme I is the first purpose-built Guyver-Killer developed by Chronos. The name comes from a corrosive enzyme in the creature's bodily fluids, that attacks and dissolves the Guyver's armor.


Enzyme I was a large, pot-bellied zoanoid, covered predominately in white fur. Scales covered its hands, feet, stinger, throat and face. The face is reminiscent of deep see fish with large eyes and relatively few needle-like teeth.


Unfortunately, this first iteration of the enzyme oxidizes almost immediately upon contact with the air, making a direct delivery system necessary. So, the very blood of Enzyme contains the deadly substance, which it can release by reflex-bleeding, through special channels in its huge teeth, its claws and the stinger at the tip of its tail. This enzyme was developed after studying Guyver II, and possibly from its own biochemistry; the enzyme dissolves the Guyver's cells. At the conclusion of his battle with the Guyver, commander Guyot telepathically caused Enzyme to burst, flooding the already-injured Guyver I with its blood; this also proved effective. However, its expected lifespan is 7 days.

The first Enzyme type was processed from Genzo Makishima, the former director of Chronos' Japanese branch, after his repeated failure to retrieve the Unit-G. Several more Enzymes were being processed, but they all died at the hands of Guyver III before even leaving their production tanks, and the production data of the Zoanoid and its enzyme were lost with the destruction of Max Pharmaceuticals, Chronos Japan's headquarters at the time.

Following this the newer and more powerful Enzyme II were produced.

Enzyme I remains the Zoanoid who came closest to actually killing a Guyver.


  • Enzyme's Development Code is OGET 001 and its Trial Manufacture Number/Serial Number is YZN 108-J.