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Enzyme III

The latest and most powerful version of the Guyver-Killer-type Zoanoids. Enzyme III is a much sleeker version than the previous two models and can also fly thanks to wings on his back; the wings can be deployed, or folded away as needed. Unlike Enzyme II, this model cannot spray its deadly enzyme, instead relying on its claws and a long, prehensile, stinger-tipped tail.

This model also has the ability to specifically fight Aptom; these Zoanoids cannot be absorbed by him thanks to a special virus with which they have been infected.

They heal from almost any injury in seconds and can even reattach severed limbs without loss of function.

Their great power and versatility come at a cost: their metabolism has been boosted enormously, which means they have to be kept in regeneration tanks when inactive, and even so their projected life span is only about three years.

They also lack any individual personality or intelligence. All they are capable of, or capable of thinking of, is killing. They cannot distinguish between ally or enemy unless they are directly controlled by a Zoalord - another reason to keep them in regeneration tanks until deployed.