Friedrich von Purgstall in both his human and Zoalord forms in the manga.

Friedrich von Purgstall (フリドリッヒ・フォン・プルクシュタール) was the second person to be selected by Dr. Barcas to become a Zoalord and is one of the most influential members of the Council of Twelve.




Purgstall in the Manga.

Purgstall, in spite of being one of the twelve most powerful beings in the world, was considered timid, and disliked both violence and confrontation. He genuinely cared for the people that he was entrusted to governor over, and stood up to the Gigantic Guyver when he believed they were in danger; even though he knew Imakarum Mirabilis, a much more powerful Zoalord than himself, had been nearly killed by the Gigantic Dark.

Purgstall was one of the most loyal followers of Archanfel and placed his goal above all else, including his own ambitions. Purgstall was also loyal to his mentor Dr. Barcas and his close friend Sin. He believed that his fellow peers and council members were all close allies and friends of his, and he treated them all as such. Purgstall went above and beyond to treat the people around him with care and fairness, something noted by his fellow peers, who either appreciated his unique sense of treatment to "lesser beings" or disagreed with it.

Despite the fact that he disliked fighting, he desired to end both any resistance to Chronos's control over the world and infighting from his peers immediately whenever he could, which ultimately led to his demise. 


He mentioned that Dr. Barcas had chosen him in Vienna, 215 years before the present. This, and his name, strongly imply that he was Austrian (Technically, a Bohemian and citizen of the Holy Roman Empire). He apparently was a citizen of Purgstall an der Erlauf, an ancient fortified market town in what is now north-east Austria. In spite of his name, he is apparently not a nobleman, because at the time Purgstall was ruled by the Schaffgotsch family. On the other hand, there was a count of Purgstall, namely Godfrey Wenceslaus, who was such until at least 1811 when he died.


Purgstall in his full battleform.


Purgstall in the 2005 Anime series.

Powers & Abilities:

Super strength: Friedrich von Purgstall is much more powerful than any Zoanoid/Hyper Zoanoid, probably at the same level as the Guyver (without the Gigantic Armor).

Lightning shoot

Lightning shoot.

Super speed: Supersonic/Hypersonic Speed: Flew from his base “Cloud Gate” to the battle beetwen Guyver Gigantic and Neo Zx-Tole in a matter of minutes. Gave a hard time to Gigantic Guyver during their  battle and was able to react to the attacks of the Gigantic.

Super durability: His Zoalord powers give him the ability to absorb electricity and fire (laser and ambient heat) especially his forearms,  so he is naturally resistant to electricity and high temperatures.

Emerging from lava

Emerging from the lava.

Lasers and Lightning: Can fire energy beams from the Zoa-crystal in his forehead and bolts of lightning from the one in his chest but he prefers to shoot lightnings from his hands or call them from the sky “Lightning Strike” (all of which was able to damage the Gigantic). His accuracy with the Lightning Strike is so great, that he can pinpoint an enemy from great distances without missing it: Thanks to the great speed of lightning”100000 km/s” not many enemys escaped it. The destructive power is so great that a building evaporate in mere seconds.

Forcefield: Create electromagnetic forcefields, with an electrocuting propriety: which is powerful enough to damage the Gigantic Armor.

Telepathy: Like all the Zoalords Shin has the ability to control all kind of Zoanoids, making them do everything he wishes. Exception for the humans and the Lost numbers.

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