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Gregole (left) facing off a duel with Guyver I (right).

One of the very first strength-type Zoanoids developed by Cronus in Japan.

Like Ramotith, he can easily be mass-produced. This massive, bulky Zoanoid was developed expressly to optimize physical strength, and this type's standard is fifteen times the strength of the average person. His skin structure has also been modified to provide a flexible, shock-absorbing armor which is bullet proof.

His center of gravity leans forward somewhat; this is intentional, since his body axis terminates in a powerful, straight horn, which projects directly forward from his skull. He can use this dense horn to ram through even quite thick armor. In order to compensate for the somewhat awkward weight distribution, he is equipped with two thick, prehensile tails or tentacles which project backwards from the head, and can balance out the torque of the horn.

The first Gregole fought and killed by Guyver I was a Cronos agent named Tatsuo Naganuma.[1] His sister Noriko is later recruited by her uncle Keiichiro of Max Pharmaceuticals to transfer to Sho Fukamachi's school and act as a spy.[2]

Guyver 2: Dark Hero

In Guyver 2: Dark Hero the recurring Zoanoid Volker appears to have been based on Gregole, though he better resembles the Bresnel variant. He fights Guyver multiple times before finally being killed in the same gruesome manner as several Zoanoids in the OVA intro.