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The Guyver Advocacy is a group of people that translates the 'Bio-boosted Armour: Guyver!' manga series to English, on behalf of the fans and in order to promote the series to the western world. Since the Guyver has been cancelled in english print, the Guyver Advocacy puts forth pain staking hours and hard work in both translating, and in coloring the manga and various pictures. Many of the images on this wiki are used by them and their size comparisons.

Guyver Advocacy is a movement to increase the popularity of Guyver by getting more people interested in it through various projects and promotional methods, as well as increase the sales of Guyver related products.

The project itself, consists of volunteers, and thus the results of their work cannot be considered official or perfect. However, despite this, they have often been referred to as the "official English authority" when it comes to matters pertaining to the Guyver; as they have been known to be both in existence for over a decade and put forth their own (and Takaya's) work. They encourage others to take active roles in the Advocacy and in assistance with the promotion of Guyver in any way shape or form. They also created a new system known as the Pre-Order System in February of 2013, in order to both support Takaya's work and to protect their translations.

You can follow the Guyver Advocacy, and the manga at their main website known as .

Historical Members

  • Drag-5 (Ryuki/Yuki/Tremault/Jess/Triadne) - leader and founder of the Guyver Advocacy. Typesetter of monthly chapters, translator/checker and stand-in.
  • Durendal - Japanese/Chinese to English translator.
  • Lost Unit - Typesetter of monthly chapters and VDF.
  • Super Existence - scanner/raw provider, script naturalisation.
  • Bio-Boosted Dude - typesetter of tankoubon/compiled volumes.

Current Members

  • Sully - site lead and project coordinator.
  • TricoBren - main translator.
  • Lost Unit - Typesetter.