Humans, Homo Sapiens, are a unique species.

When, many millions of years ago, the Advents arrived on Earth, they perceived its unique biochemistry and recognized the potential thereof. Their initial experimentation resulted in the wave of new life forms that science has dubbed the Cambrian Explosion.

But after initial successes, their research seemed to get in a rut. The most succesfful predators were far beneath their requirements. It was decided to weed out most life and start again with whatever survived. A worldwide mass extinction was arranged, known to human science as the "P-Tr extinction event" which occurred 250 million years ago, after which experimentation began anew.

After many millions of years, something promising started to crop up, and after even more time, the dinosaurs had arisen. They were almost everything the Creators desired - ferocious, with a swift reproductive cycle, and capable of sustaining themselves indefinitely in an oxygen atmosphere. But eventually, even the most dangerous of them proved disappointing in certain regards - particularly in terms of intelligence and adaptibility. As before, an extinction wave was organized (the so-called "K-T extinction event", 65 million years ago) and work began anew.

This time, it was the diminutive mammals who swiftly radiated and filled every ecological niche. And now, the Creators looked upon their creations with favor. The mammals were inherently more intelligent than the reptiles from which they were descended, they reproduced faster and with a higher success rate, and if anything, were even more ferocious towards their enemies, while at the same time capable of socializing with their own kind. One particular group of mammals was observed to develop more and more problem-solving intelligence, and finally, it was this group which was chosen as the one creation that fulfilled all criteria the Creators had set.

Humanity had attained its destiny.

Now, a much swifter stage in the research program begun – direct experimentation. Humans were subjected to 'processing', which released their full biological potential and allowed them to transform into a preset, awesome battle-form. Thus, the Zoanoids were created.

When the Creators were satisfied that mankind was fit to be their ultimate bio-warrior, the time had come to create the general who would lead their armies. Utilizing the human genome as a basis, they created an angel – their messenger and servant – like the perfected human, possessed of immense power, whom they named Archanfel.

Everything was prepared. As all Creators on Earth quietly rejoiced, a small voice spoke up among them, "There is one more experiment the humans should be subjected to." The community responded with curiosity. "How would humans interact with a standard symbiotic interaction unit?"

And the answer was... disaster.

Human Characters

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