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The Rogue Zoalords. In the back: Luggnagg de Krumeggnic(left) and Jabir Ibn Hayyan(right). In the front: Cabraal Khan.

Jābir ibn Hayyān (ジャービル・ブン・ハイヤーン Jābiru bun Haiyān) is one of the twelve Zoalords and one of the three rogue ones. His powers and original battle form are unknown.

After Cronos conquered the world, he was in charge of the Australian branch, but along with Krumeggnic and Cablarl, he planned a rebellion against Archanfel and participated in collusions such as the Purgstall's assassination. After Cablarl was defeated by Guyver's team and the rebellion has been exposed to the organization, he and Krumeggnic hid in the secret base at Karakorum mountains. When confronted at his base by Zeus' Thunderbolt and more specifically the Gigantic XD Darkness, he and Krumeggnic combined their battleforms into a towering shadowy warrior, who created incredibly destructive tornadoes at will.

Battle Form

The appearance and ability of the battle form was unknown for a long time, but Jabir can transform into a giant being that reached 68 meters called Devil (魔神 Majin), with the abilities to generates Air Pressure Bullet (圧搾空気弾 Atsusaku Kūki-dan) with power equivalent to 10 tons of TNT explosive and Super Cell (超巨大嵐雲(スーパーセル) Chōkyodai Ran'un (Sūpā Seru), lit. "Super Giant Storm Cloud") due to weather interference. However, it seems that the cooperation of Krumeggnic is necessary to demonstrate this ability, and the fertility may not be so high.