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Jūkadan (獣歌団 Zoa Voice Band) is the name for the perhaps most bizarre phenomenon in a world that has become increasingly strange since Chronos took control of it: A Zoanoid boy band. Few things can be as surreal as one of their performances. A Zoanoid is a shocking sight under the best of circumstances. To see four Zoanoids on a stage, playing musical instruments and singing, is like a hallucination or fever dream.

In truth, creating Jukadan was one of the most brilliant psychological moves Chronos ever made. The band managed to win over thousands of young girls´ hearts, since the members are all extremely attractive in their human form, while at the same time taking the sting out of the horror Chronos´ creations instilled in people. Musically awful as boy bands are, there are also very few phenomena in the world which are less intimidating. Nobody can take a boy-band seriously. That is genius.

Jukadan appears to be basically a glam-rock band (let´s face it, they didn´t have an awful lot of options open to them and their transformations lend to acts like Ziggy Stardust); they end their shows, which they perform entirely as Zoanoids, by transforming into human form - so, in fact, they turn into four extremely handsome, extremely naked young men.

Nothing is known about their actual background, but it seems most likely they are not actually Chronos agents - more likely, they were simply approached by the organization and offered financial and technical backing in return for being a living PR-stunt. Maybe they were a band before, but it seems more likely they were brought together especially for this (Sort of like a less horrible version of New Kids On The Block). It seems likely their Zoanoid forms underwent some special modifications to increase their musical aptitude (specifically their voices).

Jukadan consists of four members: Alec, the vocalist, a Ramotith type with an apparently genetically enhanced mane of hair; Nicky, a Malcult type, on keyboard; Kai, the drummer, who´s somehow fittingly a Gregole; and Makoto, a Razell, on guitar.


  • They are a parody of Japanese blues band Yūkadan (憂歌団).