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The Libertus Zoanoids

The Libertus are an advanced form of Zoanoid who exclusively work for the Zeus' Thunderbolts. They are incredibly powerful and can take on an army of Zoanoids quite easily.

They were developed by Dr. Alfred Hekkaring, a Chronos scientist abducted by Guyver III. The doctor had a personal stake in their creation, since he hates Hamilcar Barcas and wants to beat him at his own game. He succeeded in creating a form of Zoanoid that has consistently proven to be superior to their Chronos counterparts. The super-Zoanoids are drawn from the ranks of Zeus' Thunderbolt; they are volunteers, although they have not been told the entire truth about their condition.

The Libertus Zoanoids with their Bio-Blasters opened.

Libertus are substantially stronger than Hyper-Zoanoids, displaying enormous strength even in human form. On the battle field, they are constantly accompanied by their commander, the female Zoalord Griselda. She coordinates their actions, protects them from Zoalord control interference and has the ability to heal their injuries through touch. At one battle, Griselda and four Libertus were able to defeat over 400 Zoanoids and Hyper-Zoanoids.

They have the ability to change their form, adapting to a secondary mode equipped with powerful bio-blasters on their shoulders; they can change back to combat mode at will. They can also transform into a tertiary kamikaze mode; this change is irreversible, since it changes most of the body to an organic explosive, which then explodes.

The Libertus pay a high price for their abilities: they have to spend their time off the battlefield in regeneration tanks to maintain their energy levels, and even so their life span is shortened to about two years.