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The Rogue Zoalords. In the back: Luggnagg de Krumeggnic(left) and Jabir Ibn Hayyan(right). In the front: Cabraal Khan.

Luggnagg de Krumeggnic (ラグナグ・ド・クルメグニク Ragunagu Do Kurumeguniku) is one of the twelve Zoalords and the leader of the three rogue ones. Little is known about his battle form and abilities, although he is capable of creating "force spheres" that have armor piercing abilities and which he can make appear even from a considerable distance.

When Guyver III and his troops confronted him and his compatriot Jabir Ibn Hayyan in their fortress in the Karakorum mountains, the two Zoalords transformed and merged at the same time; where Jabir's Zoaform appeared fairly normal, Krumeggnic drew in his limbs and was covered in armor, effectively turning into a sphere. He then became part of a gigantic, combined Zoa-Form, set in the chest of a towering demonic form.

It is unknown whether fusing together was always part of their power, or whether they developed it later.

His name is an allusion to the works of Jonathan Swift; in Gulliver's Travels he describes the land Luggnagg, where immortal (but miserable) people live, and has a port town called Clumegnig.

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