Striker in his human form.


Striker in his Zoanoid form.

M.C. Stiker is a character from the live action Guyver film, The Guyver. He's portrayed by Jimmie Walker. Striker is a Zoanoid that's part of Lisker's elite team. There isn't much back story behind the character. But, he is shown to be the main comedy relief character throughout the whole movie. He tends to always be dressed and talk in a stereotype gangsta style, even rapping several times in the film. He even tends to be the most unintelligent character, always getting beaten up more than the other Zoanoids, also being an unexperienced fighter, even accidentally killing one of his fellow Zoanoids. Unlike the other Zoanoids, at the end of the film, he is never killed. Though he never makes an appearance in the second film despite showing that he survived.

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