Max Reed

Max Reed

Max Reed is a character from the live action Guyver film, The Guyver. He's portrayed by Mark Hamill (actor of Luke Skywalker from the original Star Wars trilogy).


Max Reed, after he was optimized into a Zoanoid.

Dr. Tetsu Segawa, one of Chronos' scientists and test subjects, ran off with a Guyver unit planning to deliver it to the CIA agent, Max Reed. He later changes his mind about giving it to Max Reed. He takes the unit out of it's case and hides the unit itself in a garbage pile. He then puts a toaster inside the case the unit was in. Though, Lisker and his team of Zoanoids catch up to him resulting in his death, with Lisker taking the case with him. His death is seen by Max Reed, with him reporting the scene of the death to the police and soon telling Mizky about her father's tragedy. Balcus soon discovers that the unit was not retrieved at all and sends out Lisker and his team of Zoanoids, again, to find it. Sean comes across the crime scene finding the unit in the garbage pile, later on with the unit bonding with him. Chronos comes to the conclusion that Mizky has the unit, and makes the attempt to capture her. Sean and Max soon catch them trying to capture her, but then they save her. Soon Lisker and his team start to chase them down to an empty warehouse. Then they transform into their Zoanoid forms and search the warehouse to see where Sean, Mizky, and Max are hiding. They soon find where they are and brutally beat up Max and get a grasp Mizky. Sean then transforms into Guyver, with Lisker figuring out that he had the unit all along. Lisker's team and Guyver fight but then Lisker figures out that the control metal is the weak point, and then rips it out. Guyver's body then liquifies and capture Mizky and Max and are taken to Chronos HQ. While their Max is about to be optimized into a Zoanoid. Keeping Guyver's control metal encased he then regenerates and wreaks havoc in the base. Resulting in killing Lisker and all the Zoanoids in the base, and breaks Max out of his optimization tank. Balcus then telepathicly makes Max transform into a Zoanoid which also results in killing him, do to his incomplete optimization. he dies after changing into a zoanoid because his body couldn't take the change....he tells the guyver and Mizki to run before he dies.

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