Mount Minakami (魅奈神山 Minakami Yama) is a large mountain in Japan. Underneath is a secret base of Cronus called Relic's Point, which contains the only known living spacecraft of the Ouranos the Relic. It was the epicenter of the "Takeshiro quakes", a series of earth tremors in the 1960s, named after a nearby village. The tremors, it has now been revealed, were the result of the Relic drawing geothermal energy from pockets of magma underneath the mountain.

It has been theorized that the mountain is in fact artificial, the largest unfinished pyramid structure in the world, which, all things considered, is quite possible.

Mount Minakami was partly destroyed when the reactivated Creator space ship emerged from the Relic's Point underground base, and subsequently suffered an eruption which turned the mountain into a volcano.

It is unknown whether the structure is an intentional allusion to the real-life location of Minakami, a town to the north-west of Tokyo; while no "Mount Minakami" exists, the town includes no less than six mountains.

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