Myumenlzee in his human and Hyper-Zoanoid form.

When the Guyvers attacked Cloud-Gate, Chronos' Asian headquarters in Tokyo, they were briefly confronted with four Hyper-Zoanoids, presumably the designated armed guard for the location. Their specialized abilities proved woefully inadequate against the Gigantic Guyver, who blasted them all to smithereens with his gravity cannon.

Myumelzee is described in his data file as possessing an electric weapon, similar to Elegen's, but is unclear as to how he deploys it. He also has hypersonic sound projectors in his shoulders, which can disintegrate an object in seconds.

In the second animated series, Myumelzee did get the opportunity to display his abilities, limiting them to sound projection; he was teamed with similar Zoanoid, Noskov. Myusmelzee was vaporised by Guyver I`s newly discovered sonic emitters.

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