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Natsuki in the Anime.

Natsuki Taga (多賀なつき) is one of Tetsuro's friends from school, and a part of the Sci-Fi Club. Who also helps Tetsuro, Mizuki, and the rest of Sho's friends after X-Day.

Natsuki in the OVA.

Natsuki in the Manga.

More Info

One of the more enthusiastic members of the Sci-Fi Club, Natsuki seemed eager to take it upon herself to see that Tetsuro's work was turned in on time. She had a semi-close frienship with Tetsuro, but didn't seem to know Sho very well, if at all.

After X-Day

After Chronos had taken control of the world, Natsuki took it upon herself to act as the caretaker to the survivors of the Mt. Minakami debacle: Tetsuro, Mizuki, Yohei, and Shizu. It was also later stated that she is a Christian.

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