Noskov in his human and Hyper-Zoanoid form.

Noskov is a Hyper-Zoanoid who was originally featured in one of the three extremely obscure Guyver novels. He possesses massive organic sound generators in his shoulders, with which he can project soundwaves of devastating intensity.

Much, much later he was featured in the second Guyver animated series, where he was teamed up with Myumelzee, an almost identical Zoanoid; they both used sound as a weapon. While Myumelzee met his end at the hands of Guyver I and Noskov suffering from a grievous injury (His right arm was vaporised by Guyver I`s sonic emitters) Noskov was ordered to kidnap a near-by Mizuki by Richard Guyot but was killed by the newly revealed Guyver III before he could deliver her to Guyot.

A Zoanoid appearing identical to Noskov shows up right after the confrontation between Guyver II-F and Powered Zerbebuth, but is destroyed by Richard Guyot before it can show its powers.

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