Panadyne in his human and Hyper-Zoanoid form.

One of the first Hyper-Zoanoids ever created, he was deployed to avenge Zerbebuth. He engaged Guyver I on his very first mission, nearly devastating a suburban neighborhood with his explosive powers, but was disabled by a pressure cannon blast. Commander Guyot commanded him to retreat.

When Guyot was attacked by Guyver III at the Makashima residence, Panadyne attempted to protect him, but was killed instead.

Panadyne was a fast and agile Zoanoid, equipped with specialized gland clusters; these glands could produce a range of dangerous substances, which would then be expelled by two fixed organic nozzles on his shoulders. While he was said to be a 'master of chemical warfare', he was only seen to use a special composite explosive; two inert liquids which would immediately explode when they came into contact. He also possessed two long, segmented whip-like tentacles on his back, which ended in razorsharp stingers. The black fur that covers Panadyne's body is coated in a special oil, which prevents any of the liquid explosive from adhering to him.

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