Pillars of Heaven

The Pillars of Heaven

The Pillars of Heaven is a large skyscraper that serves as the headquarters of Cronus USA; it stands in Washington DC, at the former location of the Washington Monument. At 1072 m (3517 feet - almost two thirds of a mile) it is the tallest building in the world. It was heavily damaged by the Gigantic Dark during a battle in Washington: using his augmented gravity cannon, he blasted one of the three main pylons which make up the building at about two thirds of its height, causing the top third to topple and hit the ground. The impact was as devastating as an earthquake.

The Pillars of Heaven were also where the artificial Guyver unit was stored and where it was stolen from by Valcuria. The building appears to include several Hyper-Zoanoids as part of its standard staff.

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