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Shizu in the Anime.

A young woman and close friend of Agito Makishima, whom she serves loyally. She even goes so far as to willingly become the first female Zoalord Griselda to command the Libertus of the Zeus' Thunderbolts organization.

Shizu's grandfather Yohei had been a loyal retainer of the Makishima family for years before she met Agito. It is unknown what happened to her parents, but Yohei treated her as his daughter.

Shizu, now known as Griselda, in her Zoalord battleform.

Her devotion to Agito is total, superceding any other consideration. Although she is by nature kind and gentle, she can be extremely dangerous when she is acting in his interests. The exact physical nature of their relationship is unexplored, but they certainly appear as a husband and wife.

Shizu originally had no special abilities, but was apparently well-educated, if not trained by her grandfather to serve Agito all the better in any practical way. After her processing by Alfred Hekkaring, she had the ability to transform into a female proto Zoalord battleform which could control and heal the Libertus-type Zoanoids. She does not appear to have any weapons apart from two sheet-like blades on her head, which normally hang down like hair or a cape, or perhaps a veil, but which are razorsharp; she typically deploys them by spinning around at great speed.


Super-human Strength  While it's currently not know exactly how strong she is, in her Zoalord state, Shizu is as the least much stronger than a normal human as she is shown to physically engage Guyver II - F in combat.

Super-human Speed/Reflexes  While transformed, Shizu possess speed and reflexes on par with a guyver and most likely is faster than any standard Zoanoid.

Injury Resistance  As a Zoalord, Shizu can withstand attacks that would kill a normal human and tolerate even severe physical injury as when her arm and head blades were severed by Valkyria she was still concious and able to fight.

Zoanoid Control  As a Zoalord, Shizu actively coordinates and directs the actions of the Libertus on the battlefield. Alternatively she can also block the command waves of other Zoalords.

Healing  Shizu can heal the Libertus with a touch from severe injury. It is not know if this will work on any zoanoid or if is unique to the Libertus.