Shin in his human form.


Shin in his battleform.

Sin Rubeo Amniculus (シン・ルベオ・アムニカルス Shin Rubeo Amunikarusu) is one of the twelve Zoalords and the third in command after Archanfel and Hamilcar Barcas. He is a close friend of Friedrich von Purgstall. In his battle form he has powerful long-range capabilities; he demonstrated this when Cabraal Khan fired a barrage of deadly missiles at Tokyo, and he destroyed all of them at once.

Shin is an Armenian - Armenia, at the time, was still part of the Osman Empire - , who was recruited into Chronos by Dr. Barcas 370 years ago, which might well make him the oldest human Zoalord next to Dr. Barcas.
Zoalor Sin full battleform

Shin in his full battleform

His name appears to have no obvious connotations; "Shin", in Japanese, can mean "Innermost", or "true one", which certainly seems appropriate, but the only meaning of the word in Armenian is obscene (!). It might possibly be short for 'Sianos', a common Armenian name. Rubeo means "ruby" or "redhead". "Amniculus" is Latin and means "Little river". It might be an oblique reference to the Kizilirmak, the "Red river" which starts in Armenia, but for the most part flows through Turkey.

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