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Synevite's battleform.

Synevite is an unusual Zoanoid, somewhat obscure and with unclear standing. He may be considered a high-end Zoanoid, or relatively weak Hyper-Zoanoid.


He originally appeared only in one of the three practically unknown Guyver novels, but then, years later, featured prominently in the third episode of the second animated series. Finally, he also made an appearance in the manga itself.

Powers & Abilities:

Super-Strength & Speed: Like a Hyper Zoanoid, Synevite's much more powerful than Gregole, and could

Synevite's swimming speed.

move very quickly, especially under water.

Tentacles & Claws: His appearance similar to an octopus, grants him some abilities of those: like blend in with its surroundings and six tentacles; that could stretch to 30 feet or more, with which he is especially good to attack from all different angles. His seemingly floppy hands actually house rows of razor sharp claws that can shred human flesh on a wink.

Synevite shows no discomfort being hit by Guyver 1.

Shock Absorption: His extremely flexible body can withstand the shock of impacts very well, since he doesn't has a rigid skeleton: like rubber, he would simply recoil and recover.

Regenerative Healing Factor: In addition to these abilities, Synevite also has very effective regenerative powers. He can heal instantly from less severe injuries in seconds.

Synevite has regenerative abilities even in his human form.

Special Ink: The glands below each of his eyes can shoot out a black special fluid with very adhesive properties. With which he blinds his enemies before crushing them to death.


  • Synevite bears slight resemblance with Cthulhu from Cthulhu myths, though his tentacles are located on the side of his head instead of around his mouth.