Takeshiro is, or was, a village in the vicinity of Mount Minakami. Sho Fukamachi and Mizuki Segawa fled here after they escaped Chronos search parties and Aptom, only to find themselves literally surrounded by Zoanoids.

It was revealed many of Takeshiro's citizens had been processed without their knowledge; presumably by being abducted, and afterwards having their memories erased. Now, they were unsuspecting "time bombs", to be activated at will by a Zoalord, who could control their every action across a distance.

About two dozen ordinary people changed into Zoanoid form to chase the two fugitives. However, soon Guyver III appeared, who mercilessly slaughtered all of them. The aftermath of this disaster has never been shown, nor has it been revealed whether the Zoanoids that died that day were indeed the full complement in the village. It is also unknown what became of Takeshiro after Mount Minakami erupted into a volcano.

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