Test Type in his human and Zoanoid form in the Anime.

Test Type #D59 (実験体D59号 Jikkentai Dii Gojūkyū-gō) (also: Test Subject or Marmot (モルモット Morumotto, "Guinea pig") was a prototype for a new kind of Zoanoid that failed at processing and later became a Lost Number. Only one known Test Type existed, which later stole the three G-Units from the Chronos Japan Branch.

The only test type ever seen appeared at the beginning of the animated series and is in fact the first Zoanoid that's ever seen. He was first seen trying to make a deal with an unknown acquaintance (Agito Makishima) in order to be human again, however he never managed to make it to his meeting place. 




Origins of the Guyver arc

Anime Only

Marmot is first introduced in the Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor during the first episode. He was found by two police officers who were on patrol and happened upon a car accident, which happened to be Marmot attempting to escape. However, Marmot was suffering from some kind of side affect of his failed optimization and was suffering from some sort of delirious mental state. The officer asked to see what Marmot had been carrying in his bag, thinking it to be full of drugs, and despite Marmot's protest, the officer forced the bag open; revealing the G-Units. Because the officer had discovered the Units Marmot proceeded to kill him. He began to transform and ripped the officer and his partner apart. It was later reported that the bodies of the officers appeared to had been beaten or attacked by a wild gorilla.

Marmot then took to the woods, attempting to reach his designated meeting place. However he soon realized that he wouldn't be able to make it in time and prepared to make his final stand. Chronos had sent a team of Zoanoids to hunt down and kill Marmot and to recover the stolen Units and were closing in on his position. 



Test Type in the OVA.

Out of Control: Film

Powers & Abilities

As Marmot was a lost number and a failed Zoanoid, it is unclear what powers he possessed or to what extent and/or limitation he held with them. However, it is theorized that Marmot may have been an attempt at creating a new type of Zoanoid that could control things via telepathy. This however has never been proven and is subject to debate.

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