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An individual, uncombined Unas-type Zoanoid.

When the rogue Zoalords deployed commander Guyot as their agent in the field, they didn't send him out on his own; they gave him a platoon of ten completely new Zoanoids to command. Not ten different Zoanoids, but ten specimens of a very unusual new type - Unus.

Unus, as was discovered when they first confronted their counterpart the Libertus, were no match for the warriors of Zeus' Thunderbolt individually; it was then that Guyot revealed their staggering power.

Weeks before, when Guyver II-F had been challenged by a group of specialized re-processed Hyper-Zoanoids, those unique, supposedly invincible monsters had been wiped out in less than no time by a completely new player - a giant beast which had been described by the witnesses as an enormous spider. Now, the nature of this creature was revealed: by Guyot's command, two of his Unus merged into "Dimer configuration", three into "Trime configuration" and four of them combined around Guyot himself into "Quadriga", a giant, spider-like monstrosity which acted as a chariot for the Zoalord!

Dimer, Trima and Quadriga proved incredibly succesful in combat, dealing the Libertus their first defeat, and a completely decisive defeat at that - two Libertus failed to even damage the armor of the Dimer.

It is as yet unknown what the limits of this combining effect are; it is however clear that the combining geometrically increases the power of the Zoanoids - Dimer was more than twice as powerful as a single Unus. Also unknown is whether the configurations are standard per number of participating Zoanoids; Dimer was taller and bulkier than an Unus, and possessed two arms and two pairs of legs, while Trima had six arms and only two, but very massive legs; and Quadriga, of course, is not humanoid at all.

A 'Quadriga' was the ancient Roman name for a chariot drawn by four horses.