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Vamore is the very first type of bioblaster Zoanoid developed by Cronus. He is relatively weak for a Zoanoid, mainly because his body structure is specifically designed as organic artillery. His shoulders carry two massive, armored pods which can open at will and reveal organic blast lenses. The laser beams from these cannons are intense enough to pierce the armor of a tank and blow it up.

Vamores are usually deployed in battallions, or rather batteries, to batter attacking opponents with devastating barrages of laser beams. On X-day, they proved highly successful.

Vamore generates the energy for his laser blasts by internally catalyzing two chemicals. Unfortunately, the resulting substance is toxic to his body. Consequently, he can fire his laser for only about three seconds at a time, and then has to pause for a few seconds to metabolize the toxin before he can fire again.

The laser units do not naturally grow from his body; rather, they are added during processing and fuse with the developing organs. It is unknown whether this goes for all bio-blaster type Zoanoids.