A latter-day, specialized aerial type. Vikarr resemble bats to some extent; their forearms have become massive wings, and their ears are enormous. Adversely, they are completely eyeless, navigating by sonar alone.

This sonar system is located in their chest, unlike an actual bat's; the three crystal-like external units double as a powerful sonic weapon, potent enough to affect the Guyver (although the actual extent of the weapon's effect is unknown; on the one occasion Vikarr confronted the Guyver, he feigned weakness, only to strike after they believed him harmless). The raw power output of the weapon seems inferior to that of Myumelzee and Noskov's sonic cannons, but Vikarr compensate for this by being far more mobile and operating in teams.

Individually, Vikarr are very light, designed entirely for swift flight, and are otherwise physically weak for a Zoanoid; apart from their sonar cannon, their only weapon consists of venomous spikes on their shoulders and knees.

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