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Yoshiki Takaya (高屋良樹 Takaya Yoshiki) is a Japanese manga artist born February 21, 1960 in Akita, Akita best known for creating the manga Guyver, which has been adapted into multiple anime features as well as live action films. Guyver was serialized in Monthly Shōnen Captain (published by Tokuma Shoten) for the lifetime of the magazine from February 18th, 1985 to 1997. When Captain was cancelled, the manga moved to Shōnen Ace, published by Kadokawa Shoten, who also reprinted the collected volumes from the beginning. There are 32 tankōbon available.

Takaya began however as an hentai manga artist under the pen name Morio Chimi (ちみもりを Chimi Moriwo), with several works printed in the adult manga magazines Lemon People (Kubo Shoten), Manga Burikko (Byakuya-Shobo), and Petit Apple Pie (Tokuma Shoten). The best known of these is Hades Project Zeorymer, which was adapted as a four episode original video animation by AIC.


As Morio Chimi

  • Project Zeorymer (冥王計画(プロジェクト)ゼオライマー), in Lemon People; October 1983 to November 1984, in Monthly Comic Ryū, June 2007 to August 2007
  • Cross Fire (クロス·ファイア), single volume, April 1985 ISBN 4-7659-0214-5, republished 1990-07-10 ISBN 4-7659-0280-3
    1. Cross Fire (クロス·ファイア), in Lemon People, May 1983
    2. FIGHT, Father!! (た·た·か·え お父さん!! Ta-ta-ka-e Otō-san), in Lemon People, May 1984
    3. World of No Tomorrow - Humanity without Males (明日なき世界・(オス)なき人類 Ashita Naki Sekai - Osu Naki Jinrui), debut in Lemon People, January 1983
    4. Afterschool Evil Machiner (放課後の邪MACHINNER Hōkago no Yokoshima Machinner), in Lemon People, March 1983
    5. Masked Circus (仮装広場(マスクド・サーカス)), in Lemon People, September 1983
    6. ALEF (アレフ), in Lemon People, February 1984
    7. Natural Selection (ナチュラル・セレクション), in Lemon People, August 1983
    8. Chiriku's Skewering of Youth (千栗ちゃん青春田楽刺し Chiriku-chan Seishun Dengaku-Zashi), in Manga Burikko, March 1984
    9. Isurugi (イスルギ), in Lemon People, October 1984
    10. Perverted Old Man Blizzard (変態ブリザード翁 Hentai Burizaado Okina), in Shashin Jidai Jr, December 1984
    11. Ghost Story - Peerless Ghost (怪談・絶倫幽霊 Kaidan Zetsurin Yūrei), in Manga Burikko, September 1984
    12. Absolutely Unmatched Monstrous Apparition (絶対絶倫・妖怪変化 Zettai Zetsurin Yōkai Henge), in Comic Self, January 1985
    13. Unbalanced Diet Dragon (偏食ドラゴン Henshoku Doragon), in Petit Apple Pie, June 1984
    14. Giant Ghost Tree (巨霊樹 Kyoreiki), in Lemon People, July 1983
  • Whirlpool of Love in the Heart of Darkness (心の闇に愛の渦 Kokoro no Yami ni Ai no Uzu), in Lemon People, July 1986

As Yoshiki Takaya