A Zoacrystal is an crystal like protrusion on the forehead of a Zoalord, which grants them their unique powers. The first known Zoacrystal was created by the Creators and used to create Archanfel. From his crystal, another eleven were created which were then placed into the bodies of the other Zoalords during their optimization process. A Zoacrystal is very similar to a Control Medal, both Zoacrystals and Control Medals regulate the abillties of Zoalords and Guyvers respectively. Zoacrystals also prevent Aptom from absorbing the Zoalord in question, in much the same way as the Guyver's Control Medal prevents Aptom from absorbing the Guyver.

Zoacrystals are also unique in the fact that each one not only appears physically different but also allows the individual in question, who possesses it, to manipulate a particular scientific element or power. The Zoacrystals allow their owners to control their Zoanoid subjects via telepathy (referred to as their Thought Waves), and grants them all the same basic abilities. These abilities include: flight, super-strength, super-speed, a number of energy based attacks, eternal youth and a number of other such abilities. However, each one specializes in manipulating a scientific element whether it be controlling gravity, manipulating lightning, or reflecting solar light to create multiple images or opening doorways between dimensions. 

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